We had a tile backsplash put in last weekend. Up next is a new kitchen faucet. We were supposed to have it installed on Thursday, but when the installer got here, he discovered that our cold water line was a straight plumb and had no shut off valve. Ah, the joys of living in an old house. He didn’t have the tools nor the valve, so he’s coming back Monday morning. It will be nice to have something that looks nice, doesn’t leak, and is high enough to where I can fill a pitcher or other tall container.

In somewhat related news, we’ve decided not to pursue the condo I mentioned earlier. We’re still 99% sure we’re moving to Chicago, but we decided the timing wasn’t right for buying it, and it would have put us under a lot of unnecessary stress. The market’s doing some funny things right now, and we don’t want to be locked into a place that’s worth less than we’re paying. We’ll be up there next week staking out some places and neighborhoods and getting an idea of what’s good for us.