My comps progress is…progressing. Do I want to be further along? Definitely. I’ve let myself get sidetracked by some house-related projects, plus daily stuff that needs to be done. The house doesn’t clean itself, y’know. Although as a feminist I often find the notion of hiring help to clean your house to be troubling, times like these make me willing to rethink this aversion. The amount of time I spend cleaning up around the house (or thinking about it, or nagging about it) could be spent in much more productive ways. I need a strong dose of Fuckitall if I’m going to keep my sanity.

In order to feel like I have a better grasp on my workload, I checked out Getting Things Done from my local public library. I appreciate the irony of spending time reading a book when I could be working on academic stuff. Everybody I know who has read this book highly recommends it, and I’ve read nothing but favorable things about it on blogs such as Get Rich Slowly and The Simple Dollar. I have a habit of “hanging on” to things longer than I need to. Why not just go ahead and mail off that form? Why not just drop into the bank on my way home to deposit that check? As I type, I have a wedding dress that I still haven’t sold, and a pretty nice digital camera gathering dust in a drawer when I could probably sell it for a few bucks. According to my proposed comps timeline, I was to have one question completed and a few pages down on another question by this past Sunday. I haven’t even halfway completed my first question, much less started work on another question. This is bad. What exactly am I waiting on here?

Part of my problem is my inability to tell people “no.” I’m always worried I’ll miss out on an opportunity, or I’m worried about what people will think about me if I don’t do something. I need to start looking out for #1 and worry about the rest later. Nobody is going to do my work for me, so why would I try to do their work for them?