As usual, the end of the semester was hectic for me; ergo, I didn’t have anything interesting to blog about.

On Monday, I went to my usual running group. I biked there (3 miles one-way), ran 3 miles, and then biked home. I was really proud of myself for pushing my limits, and surprisingly, I didn’t get too exhausted. My ride home was very rewarding, and the other runners were super impressed with me for biking there and back. I felt pretty bad-ass!

Last Tuesday, I put an ad in the T News for my car, and by Friday evening, I had a verbal agreement with someone to buy the car. By Saturday afternoon, I had the money in hand and had dropped the car to the buyer. It feels awesome to have that behind me! I ended up selling it for $300 than I was asking, but I don’t feel ripped off. The car did have some minor issues, and I really was tired of driving it all over Creation to show it to potential buyers. I wasn’t nearly as sad to see it go as I thought I would be. As I become more comfortable with the scooter, I feel like it’s my real transportation, and I know I have the Civic if I ever need a car. It will be interesting to see how we live as a one-car family.