Day one of Piaggio Commuting. So far, so good. (Crosses fingers, knocks on wood, strokes bunny foot…Wait, I’m not superstitious…hmm.) I left la casa at 9:40 sharp and pulled up to my building at 9:50. Pas mal! It’s usually about 20-25 minutes door to door, because I park further away and have to walk about 1/3 mile to get from the deck to my building. Only once during my ride did I feel like something “could” happen, but I took all the recommended steps to prevent a disaster, and they worked. I got a few stares pulling up to the bike parking area, but I nimbly cut off the engine, hopped to the ground, and mounted it up on the center stand (all this despite the fact I’m still sore as f*ck from the spill I took on Saturday). My earliest attempts at this routine had been seasoned with a generous pinch of FAIL, but it’s starting to become second nature. Even tiny folks like me can manipulate 247 lbs of Italian craftspersonship with the right technique!

My lunch today consisted of a fried green tomato sandwich, which was transcendent even when eaten in a drab, windowless office. I’ve been working on a conference proposal all morning in hopes of having at least one accepted presentation by the end of this year. My SurveyMonkey count is up to 39 attempted, and 21 completed responses. Not bad for the first week! I’ll just use my preliminary findings for my proposal and hope for a better sample before it comes time to present.