(Oh yes I just did!)

In the early years of grad school, I was determined to become a qualitative research whiz and even go so far as to do a purely qualitative dissertation. No, I wasn’t doing this because it’s “easy.” Far from it, and anyone who says qualitative research is easy is either 1) dumb 2) stupid or 3)entirely clueless about qualitative research. That shit is tedious, y’all! I felt like qualitative research was the way to go if you truly wanted to capture an experience and give voice to people. I still feel that way, to a certain extent, but…

The more I got into it, the more I realized that at the very least, I’d only be able to do a mixed methods (both qualitative and statistical) study, so that meant saddling up on the Statistics horse. My field really likes things to be quantifiable and scientific, although occasional dabbling in qual research is OK. I’d only taken three stats classes in grad school, and I’d say that half of that doesn’t really count because I took two of them online with someone who basically refused to teach us anything. Lovely, right?

My adviser recommended that I take a class in structural equation modeling, so being the good grad student that I am (or try to be), I signed up. This class is totally kicking me in the behind! I’m having to learn new techniques, and new software on top of it. Just when I thought I was marginally good at SPSS, in comes LISREL. Basically, you write the program, run it, and out comes a whole bunch of output and diagrams. Pretty neat, especially for someone (like me) who doesn’t have any programming experience.

I have LISREL on both my computer at work and my desktop at home, but since the Macquisition, I decided to try to put it on the new toy as well. So far, that isn’t happening for me. I don’t know if it’s something from my end or if it’s all their fault, but I’ve yet to get it on the Mac. This kind of sucks because that means I still have to do my assignments either at work (where I can’t concentrate at ALL), or at home in the office (where it’s kind of isolated and often a bit chilly). Being able to sip a soy hot chocolate whilst listening to my iPod on a couch in a coffee shop would take the sting out of having to do stats assignments. Well, some of it.

Oh, and regarding my previous entry: I got NeoOffice. Talk about sticking it to the man!