It’s really too bad that “To be, or not to be” wasn’t from Macbeth. I could have titled this post “To be, or not to be-MacBook.”

I write to you from my new MacBook. It arrived yesterday around lunchtime, and I couldn’t wait to get home and start playing with it. The welcome video was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. If I’d had any doubts before, that video would have sealed the deal for me. I’ve officially joined the Cult of Steve.

Mac OS X is super-duper cool, and this thing performs so much better than any computer I’ve ever had. Now my only dilemma is whether to go with iWork or Microsoft Office for Mac. Considering I bought this thing primarily to work on comps and my diss, keep track of my data, and make awesome presentations for classes and conferences, I don’t want to screw up this decision. Here’s how it plays out:

iWork 2008

  • cheaper
  • it’s not a Microsoft product
  • it’s compatible with Microsoft Office (i.e., I can save things as .doc)
  • its equivalent to PowerPoint is supposed to be better than PP


  • some people have reported issues when sending documents back and forth with PC users
  • not as popular
  • I’d have to learn new commands and all that, since it’s a whole ‘nother productivity suite

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

  • more people use it
  • I’m familiar with Office
  • maybe more straightforward for sending documents to PC folks


  • expensive (over twice the price of iWork…$60 vs. $130)
  • it’s Microsoft, and I got a Mac so I could stop using their shitty software
  • there are bugs, according to things I’ve read
  • occasional formatting issues when sending back and forth to Office 2007 people

Objectively, it looks like I should go w/ iWork, but I’m going to play with the trial versions of each of them before I plunk down the coin. I don’t take the spending of my hard-earned money lightly. (That’s just a diplomatic way of saying that I’m cheap.)