My MacBook is on its way, although the FedEx tracking hasn’t updated since Thursday morning when it said it was in Reno. I’d like to think it’s a hell of a lot closer now. My AppleCare package took just two days to deliver, but it’s just a disk in a box (heh) until the computer arrives. I hope I never have to use the extended warranty, but I’ll be glad I have it if something comes up. The MacBook should be arriving either Monday or Tuesday. I shipped my iPod off for repair a few days ago and it will be arriving Monday via DHL. It will be nice to have all my tech goodies.

On Thursday morning, I finally received an e-mail from IRB stating that my proposal had been approved and that I can start my research. I was ecstatic! This process has only taken a little over 4 months, which is ridiculous considering the nature of the study. The hang-up revolved around some language I used in my informed consent document that the IRB called “coercive.” Ultimately, I got to drop the language because in reality I was fighting a battle for my advisor, but it was holding me up so he finally let me drop it.

This weekend will be somewhat busy doing stats assignments, but I really don’t have much else going on. One more week until Spring Break! I think we’re painting the den, but it remains to be seen whether Scott’s really into this whole idea.