I realized this morning that there’s no way I could possibly attend the aforementioned job talk this afternoon because I’ll be accompanying the Spousal Unit to a work-related dinner. As much as I usually dread these sorts of events, it beats the hell out listening to a stats lecture on a Friday afternoon. At least there will be food at the banquet, and I get to snicker at all the drunk rich alums and their trophy spouses. Good times!

This morning my lab partner and I re-arranged the lab to spruce things up in anticipation of next week’s NCATE (some accrediting body) visit. I now have a pretty swank wooden desk with drawers, which beats the heck out of the table I was using as a desk. Things are looking pretty nice. Now if only it weren’t around 85 degrees in here all the time.

Only 15 more minutes until I can leave and no longer live in fear that Creep will darken my door…at least until Monday. Sigh.