Future Kate is pretty and all, but there’s something kind of off about her. I think I like Island Kate better, as far as the appearance factor goes.

Ben sure knows how to get into someone’s head, doesn’t he? Locke pretends he’s some kind of bad-ass, but in the end, he’s just as vulnerable to Ben’s gris-gris as the rest of them. I also think that his remark, “These are the last two eggs” will be somehow significant in a future episode.

I did NOT expect that ending, although in retrospect, the scenes w/ Kate and Claire were kind of weird. Claire got kind of flirty with Sawyer, which left me all “WTF?!” and Kate seemed excessively (and I would argue artificially) awkward about watching Aaron. I usually don’t like Kate stories, but I think this particular one could get interesting.

Next week looks to be an incredible episode, and it’s a Desmond one, which I always like.