The company that produced a commercial featuring two animated pandas speaking with what were intended as Chinese accents is withdrawing the ads after complaints.

What did you think of these ads?

I am offended by nearly all of the ads. I wanted to watch football and worship the Lord since it was, after all, a Sunday. I switched to a sermon during halftime but commercial breaks came too quickly and too frequently to allow for timely substitution of the Lord’s word during regulation. Thus I was forced to watch animals and babies speaking in much the same manner as I presume the serpent spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden. It may have amused some of my secular friends, but to me, dancing anthropomorphic lizards have no benign interpretation. They are nothing if not Satan dancing with tiny webbed feet on a bluescreen. It was enough godless imagery to trigger the homosexual impulses that Satan continuously implants in my loins. Thank God my wife was there to prevent the evil spirit from using my arms to seize my friend Jim and and bend him over the couch as the serpent sorely tempted me to do.

— ecb3d, Mobile, AL

OMG check this crazy shit out!