Well, I finally watched an entire Super Bowl. Scott and I went to a colleague’s house (mine, not Scott’s) to watch it. He just bought an HDTV and had surround sound, soit made for an entertaining experience. During halftime, we played Wii Bowling, which was hilarious. When we got ready to leave, we discovered my car was stuck (I’d parked in the yard…big mistake) and I had to call AAA at around 10. The tow truck got me pulled out, and then we swung by WalMart (the evil empire) to see if they had a Wii in stock. Alas, they didn’t, so maybe I can find it somewhere that won’t induce pangs of guilt for supporting the House of Wal. I really hope we get one soon, because it would be another fun thing for us to do when we’re stuck at home or out of ideas. I got pretty good at Wii tennis as well, which makes me want to play it IRL.

We’ve finally cleaned our carpet in the den, and it’s a huge improvement. I’m sore as hell today, but it was worth it!

Applejack seems to have been attacked by a neighborhood kitty who decided to go all Mike Tyson on him and attempt to bite his ear off. I noticed he had a little cut on his ear the other day, so I cleaned it and treated it with some antibiotic ointment. It didn’t work, and the wound got much, much worse and he developed a fever. I took him in today and the vet cleaned the wound, shaved off the hair around his ear, and then gave him a shot of antibiotics and a shot for pain and inflammation. I feel so terrible for him, but hopefully he’ll improve quickly.

So far, I’ve really liked the mineral makeup I ordered on the suggestion of


. I like how it feels and how bright and even my skin looks. Definitely a fan!

I need more coffee and maybe a cookie.