We had Monday off, so we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Atlanta. I managed to convince Scott to go to IKEA with me, and we came out with some awesome deals!

For the den, we got these curtains. They’re a drastic improvement over our faded, red curtains that were covered in dog and cat hair, and they let in a lot of light without compromising our privacy. We have two sliding glass doors in our den that face out into the back yard, and we finally have curtains for both sets of doors.  Now I don’t feel like the meter reader is staring in at us in our PJs. We also got these curtains and this curtain wire for our dining room. It’s the only room in the whole house that doesn’t have some sort of curtains or blinds on them, and I think we may be putting these up today.

Where else can you get curtains and curtain rods for two rooms for less than $100?!