My current pet peeves, in no particular order:

1. People who can’t seem to respect the most basic rules of spelling and grammar, particularly in online forums. Look, I know you whippersnappers think it’s kEwl wHen u tyPe liEk tHis, but in the real world, we like our capitalizations to be a bit more predicatable, thanks. Especially irritating when someone types like this whilst asking for advice in communities such as


. I can’t take someone seriously when they can’t type like an adult.

2. Somewhat related to online communication: If you get in the interwebz asking for advice from complete strangers, at least pretend to take it. If you wanted to be coddled and validated, then you should have asked for that, instead.

3. People who act like vegetarianism can’t possibly be healthy (“Oh noes, where do you get your protein/iron/B12?!?!?!”) or people who claim to be vegetarians and yet eat chicken/fish/copious amounts of junk food. If you eat chicken, you’re not a vegetarian. If you eat fish, you’re a pescetarian, although you’re on the right track. If you eat nothing but junk, you’re a complete idiot. Most people I know are morons when it comes to things like nutrition, and I get really sick of the “Mmmm…juicy, juicy steak” or “You HAVE to have meat to survive” comments. 90% of people probably have no idea what sort of things their food is doing to them. I don’t mock your culinary choices (although I probably could), so I expect mine to be respected as well. I don’t sit there and retch while my lunch or dinner buddy eats chicken or other animal, nor do I make a scene when I discover some meat or meat derivative in my food. I’m not “one of those.” So lay off.

4. People who don’t control their children in public. I expect to be able to go to Target/Publix/the coffee shop and not be run over, hit, or otherwise annoyed by someone’s screaming, flailing little crotch spawn. There was this 3 year old kid in the Philly airport that must have been demon possessed, because he was screaming like a danged banshee and literally flipping off of the seats in the waiting area. Hismother’s solution? “Here’s some more candy!!!” *headdesk*

5. Living somewhere that entails a one hour drive (at least) to see good live music, buy decent groceries, or catch a flight. I so want out of here.