So far things look good for this semester (my last semester of coursework, if you can believe it). I switched sections in my structural equation modeling class, so I won’t have to deal w/ CGS or Right Wing Nutjob. I also found out that we’re meeting a grand total of 6 times this semester: twice in January, once in Feb, once in March, and twice in April. That will be quite nice, not only because it means I don’t have class every week, but also because I can go to yoga on Wednesday nights. I managed to convince my boss to let me not work on Wednesdays, so this semester may actually be easier on me than last semester. This will free me up to start studying for comps, which I still plan on taking this summer.

Today I plan to go get my text for the SEM class, check out the sale at Old Navy (they have some basics on sale that would be good to have), go buy Brubeck some doggy treats, and meet up w/ my friend Robin for an early dinner. She’s now nearly 6 months along in her pregnancy, and her belly just kind of showed up out of nowhere in the last few weeks. It’s kind of cool to see all the changes and whatnot, and it will be so exciting when the baby actually arrives!

OK, off to be productive.