When we got back to Madrid, we immediately high-tailed it over to the Reina Sofia (the modern art museum in Madrid). I will go out on a limb and say that it is by far the best art museum I’ve ever seen. Tons of Dali, Miro, Gris, Picasso, and some others like Man Ray, Braque, etc. I got to see Guernica, which absolutely took my breath away. It’s a gripping painting anyways, but the size of it…it’s was gigantic! I stared at it for a good 5 minutes, just taking it all in. After the Reina Sofia, we took the Metro up to eat at Fast Good, Ferran Adria’s “fast food” restaurant. While it was kind of pricey, it was good, and worth the experience. They fry the fries in olive oil (which is yummy) and they have veal burgers (which we obviously did NOT try). We checked out an Asturian (not Austrian) cider tavern before heading back to the hostal.

The next day we did some shopping, went to the Royal Palace, met up with a guy we met in Granada and wandered around nibbling tapas and enjoying our last night in Spain. I started feeling achy and feverish,  but didn’t let up a bit. The next morning I woke up and knew I was pretty sick, but didn’t care because we’d just be on the plane all day anyways. We got to the airport and had some tea before boarding the plane. I was pretty much unable to sleep, but caught a few minutes of sleep here and there. We got to Philly and sought out a meal since we had about 6 hours to kill. There was a little Asian bistro that had surprisingly tasty Pad Thai (and for only $9, too), although all I could stand was miso soup. I was dizzy and sick, and nowhere near done with the trip home. We got on our flight to Atlanta around 8:45 and arrived in a little before 11. We waited nearly an hour for our bags (yeah, what the hell), and when I got my bag, I found that one of the wheels had been broken off. Great. Dragging it around was no picnic, especially since I was sick and exhuasted. We got to our car and headed back to Tuscaloosa after 12:30 (Eastern) and didn’t get home until after 2:30 AM (Central, which is 7 hours behind Spain).

I woke up the next morning (Christmas morning) literally unable to speak a word. I mustered up some strength and went to Walgreen’s for medicine and basically slept all day. We ran out for Chinese at dinner, since there was absolutely nothing to eat at home. For the next 3 or 4 days I just slept, lounged, watched TV, or uploaded pictures from the trip. I’m still nursing whatever this is, and if I don’t get better before we get back to Alabama, I’ll go see a doctor. It sucks to be sick over the holidays.