is so awesome!!!

We´ve seen the Cathedral and the Alcazar, and have eaten more than our fair share of tapas (berenjenas con miel/salmorejo, patatas bravas, etc.). Tonight we may try to catch some flamenco, although my hopes are not that high, since many places cater to tourists and are pretty pricey. Even still, I´d feel dumb if we didn´t at least try to see some, given that we´re in Seville.

Our hostal is nice, but basic (and heat is 3 euros a night…no thanks). We´re close to a lot of things, but we´ve done a lot of walking. Since arriving in Spain, we estimate that we´ve walked about 50 miles. It helps burn off all the fatty food and the copious amounts of hot chocolate I´ve been drinking (oooohsooogoooood).

I´m off now. Traveling to Cordoba tomorrow, and then Granada on Wednesday. Adios!