On Saturday, I managed to replace my wiper blades. They hadn’t been replaced since Election Day, 2004. I wish I were kidding. Those suckers were so warped and disgusting (much like Election Day 2004, I might add) and my windshield was never clean as a result. I was proud enough, but then when my lovely husband admitted that he’d never changed his own wiper blades (at the ripe old age of 35), I felt even more smug. Now if only I knew how to replace the rear brake pads…I also did quite a lot of work towards cleaning out my car and making it look presentable. When you’re a busy grad student, the last thing you care about is how your car looks. I removed my Jump sticker that was peeling off, attempted to remove my faded “Fermez Le Bush” sticker to no avail, and Windexed every glass surface on both sides. Brubeck left slobber tracks all over the interior of the back windows, and I felt it was high time to take care of that.

This week will prove to be a lazy one for me. I am debating not coming to work tomorrow, simply because I don’t have classes and I know no one will be dumb enough to roll up in here the day before Thanksgiving. As great as it is to only have to work 20 hours a week and for the most part take care of my own work, I’m not too fond of the fact that it’s always about 90 degrees in here and that I have to constantly be on CGS alert. Any excuse I have to not come to work is a good one in my book.

I recently got into the blog Behind the Counter, a hilarious account of what it’s like to work at WalMart (or, “The House of Wal”). The author recently quit her his job there and is now doing a blog called 21 Minutes, which is equally hilarious and definitely worth reading.  My particular favorites from both blogs are entries about “howler monkeys” (loud, unruly children) and WOACA (Women Of A Certain Age…middle- or upper middle- class middle-aged women who just try too hard and have an inflated sense of entitlement..you know the type).

One my professors wants me to do an independent study with him next semester to do some additional work on my study and put a more cognitive/self-regulation spin on my research questions. If everything goes according to plan, by this time next year, I’ll have at least one publication. He was highly complimentary of the two presentations I’ve given in his class so far and I think he really believes in me. Sometimes I get really down about the small things in life, and then something like this happens to pick me back up again. We all need a reminder about why it is we do what we do, and this particular incident was mine.