OK, without going into too much detail, our (Alabama’s) Attorney General is hell-bent on outlawing the sale of sex toys in Alabama. Yes. We have some of the worst schools in the U.S., high STD rates, rampant poverty, teen pregnancy, etc., and our leaders are worried about dildos. In-freaking-deed.

Loretta Nall started a campaign to mail sex toys to the AG’s office in protest. Here’s a link to her blog if any of you are interested (or want to participate). The premise of it is funny, and it would be even better if it ends up being effective.

Do be sure to read some of the comments on her blog from the November 12th entry…I like the guy who asked if Mr. King will have to declare the receipt of these “gifts” on his yearly Alabama Ethics statement. Now that, my friends, would be hilarious! “I received 20 sets of ben-wa balls, 38 dildos, 12 vibators, and 6 dozen cock rings.” I would pay for a copy of that!

I know this seems rather frivolous, especially given the aforementioned problems in our state. However, it’s ridiculous that he’s even bothering to attempt to regulate something so personal (and something used by adults, who are for the most part perfectly able to make decisions like that for themselves). I really don’t see how a grown-ass adult using a toy in the privacy of his/her bedroom is causing harm to the well-being and safety to the citizens of Alabama. I really don’t. Another thing that bothered me is this (from the Tuscaloosa News editorial page):

“In 1998, the Legislature passed a law banning the sale of sex toys in Alabama. Lower courts found it unconstitutional in 1999 and 2002, saying Alabama did not prove a legitimate interest in regulating sale of sex toys to adults. But the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law in 2004, claiming there is no constitutional right to sexual privacy.”

Anyone else as disturbed as I am?