On my way home from work yesterday, a car from a side street pulled out in front of me very slooooooowly. I hate that shit, because I was forced to slow down really quickly. It was a gigantic geriatric-looking Cadillac, so I assumed it was some old Grandma on her way to the beauty parlor or Gramps on the way to the VFW. Not so. It was a guy of about 19. Whatever, maybe he was given the car, or maybe that’s just his thing. Then I saw the license plate. In Alabama, we have what’s called a “Helping Schools” plate that is about $15 more than a normal license plate, and that money allegedly goes to help schools. It’s usually a favorite of the soccer moms, but maybe this guy has a soft spot for education. Then I read the plate….


I nearly shot my coffee out of my nose. Not quite, pal. Better luck next time.