So…Scott and I are very seriously contemplating a trip to Spain over the holidays. We had a discussion a few weeks ago in which I said something along the lines of “You may have traveled all over the place, but I think you forget that I really haven’t been anywhere.” I didn’t mean to offend him, but I think it struck a chord with him, and he suddenly began researching potential trips for us to take. We found some really cheap flights to Spain and we think we can get a place to stay for around $50/night. If we stayed 8-10 days, we could make it happen, financially. We would have to cut back on our spending from now until about April or May, but I think we can wing that. This morning I told him that we need to make our final decision by Oct. 27th, simply because we can’t keep waffling, and he will need to renew his passport in order for us to go (mine’s good for another 6 years).

I’m excited because it means that we’re taking a trip to somewhere I’ve never been and somewhere we’ve never been together. This seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up.

ETA: WE’RE GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dec 13-24)