I really like the idea of Fall Break. I haven’t been to work since Wednesday, and I didn’t have class Wednesday night. I skipped my Wednesday afternoon class, telling the prof that I was under the weather with allergy trouble. I turned in my weekly reaction paper, so all is well.

Thursday I ran some errands and started working on the stuff for Scott’s birthday party (which was yesterday). I had some olives marinating since Tuesday (they were awesome), Scott made gazpacho, and I made the sangria. Friday, Scott took a day off from grading and we worked hard to get our house nice and clean and to start cooking. We finally removed our busted up screen door from the side of the house. I wish I had taken a picture to demonstrate how tacky this thing was, but in brief: the bottom panel was completely gone, the frame of the door was separating from the door in two places, the glass was perilously hanging in the frame, and we kept it constantly opened because it would get stuck in the door frame if we tried to open and close it. We had to remove the screws by hand (about 20 in all), but once we did, we took it down and leaned it against the house, out of sight. We’ll get a new one eventually, but I’m so glad to have that gone.

Having people over is nice because it forces you to do what you should have already done anyways. Our house was in sore need of some straightening/cleaning up, and we both were having laundry issues, which have since been resolved. One of Scott’s presents from me was a closet full of wooden hangers. He’s mentioned in passing that he’s always wanted that, and so I made it happen for him. He was so excited. Yesterday morning we spent an hour cleaning out his closet and re-hanging all of his clothes on the new hangers. He donated a ton of stuff to a local emergency service (we’re talking over 30 shirts, nearly 10 pairs of pants, and about 8 sport coats and jackets) and I think it made him feel better to get rid of his “fat clothes.” It became real to him when he tried on old shirts and they swallowed him up. I think it made him happy to see how far he’s come in the past 3 years. Not only that, but it will help around tax time, since we’ve already donated quite a bit of stuff post-wedding.

The party itself was really nice. We had about 10 people over, and it was nice. Brubeck behaved himself, and our food was outstanding. The hard work paid off deliciously. We had tomato paella, gazpacho, queso de cabra, patatas bravas, Manchego cheese, marinated olives, and birthday cake. I got the cake from Publix, which initially felt like a cop out since I always make a cake for him, but it was so good that my guilt soon resolved itself.

Tonight we’re going to the Cowboy Mouth show in Birmingham at Workplay. Jono got us free tickets, and we’ll hang out with him before the show That poor man must be so tired from touring all over Creation, and his fiancée misses him something terrible. We got their wedding invite in the mail this week and it was just beautiful. Her parents are going to be putting on quite a wedding, and we’re so looking forward to being there. It will be our first wedding to attend since our own, and so it should be fun for us.