This weekend is our trip to Baton Rouge. It should be a hell of a good time! I need to pack my bag and also make the fried olives I promised my friend Sarah. I’ve debated just not going to work today. Why, you ask?

I’m so glad that I did it (and that’s it’s over). The actual insertion process hurt, but it wasn’t intolerable at all. The worst part to me was afterwards. I have kind of a sensitive cervix, and messing around with it makes it angry. I started sweating like crazy and got really, really nauseated. Everyone said I turned white as a sheet, and so I laid back for a few minutes with some Sprite and a cold paper towel. Once I was able to sit up and stay up, I got dressed and all was well. I cramped a bit last night and stayed in bed most of the evening, but I was well enough to help out w/ dinner.

Today I’m feeling the mildest of cramps. I could go to work today, but I may skip for my own sanity.

(Wait, I have Xanax! I can tolerate anything.)