We’ve been engaging in a months-long battle with Alabama Power (specifically their meter reading contractor) over the fact that our meter is being constantly misread. We’re talking a difference of $100 or more a month. If it were $10, no big deal, but sorry, we’re not paying $300 for a $200 of electricity. As it is, we keep our air no lower than 80 (more like 85), have about 90% of our light sources equipped with CFL bulbs, and we have high efficiency appliances. In other words, there’s no way that we’ve racked up a bill of $300 or more.

So Scott and I are sitting in our den enjoying a lovely Saturday morning, and we see someone walk halfway into the yard, and then walk out., and nowhere near our electric meter. Funny, since she’s supposed to be reading it. Scott says, “It’s the meter reader, get her!” He was not decently dressed, but I was somewhat dressed, so as she was walking back around the house, I walked out the side door and asked her what reading she got, since she’s been way off the last few months. She gave me some snarky look, read the reading she had, and then hightailed it out of there. I wrote it down, and then we checked our meter. Not even close!

Now he’s on the phone w/ Alabama Power. We’ll see how this goes.