• Tuesday was definitely a good day for me. Not only will I be taking comps a bit before I’d anticipated, I’m also doing a study later on this semester. A real one. As in, I need to get IRB approval, develop an instrument, do the study, and then publish it if it’s any good.
  • Comps will also be easier than I thought (though by no means will they be easy). Instead of showing up a few Saturdays in a row, I have 3 questions, each one requiring an answer up to 20 pages long. I’ll have from May 15-August 15 to complete them. One will be a general ed psych question, one will be written by my advisor (probably dealing w/ my area of interest), and the third will be a methodology critique question. There will be lots of work, lots of research, and tons of writing involved, but I think the format is a lot more my speed. I’m actually excited, even though I know I’ll be swamped.
  • Wednesday was swamped, as all my Wednesdays will be. I don’t like my human development class, but it’s a requirement, so I suck it up and do my best.
  • Thursday was actually a lot of fun. I went to some law school function for dinner, then to a newcomer’s coffee for the University Women’s Club. It seems somewhat anachronistic, but I think it will be good for me in terms of networking and having volunteer opportunities. I’d say the average age of the club is solidly over 50, but there are a decent number of younger cool people. The club is for spouses of University faculty and women faculty members. There’s a certain “ladies who lunch” sort of feel to it, but these people are hardly shallow socialites.
  • We have absolutely no plans for this weekend, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I wish we had something going on. We’re going to watch the game on Saturday, but other than that, I don’t know. There has been some discussion of painting the den, but I doubt that will happen.