Yesterday, Scott looks out the back door and says, “Look at Nappy (our nickname for him)! He’s in the tree!” I looked up, and he was about 20 feet up just hanging out on the branch. He then proceeded to climb higher. I was fully prepared to climb up the tree to retrieve him when he inevitably got stuck.

That was unnecessary. He then turned around, and climbed all the way back down. I’m beginning to wonder how long he’s been doing that, and if he’s ever managed to catch anything up there. My cat’s a bad ass.

In other news, I painted about 96% of the bathroom last night. The tacky wallpaper is finally gone, and in its place is a beautiful blue semi-gloss paint. I’ll post pictures when I’m completely finished and everything is back in place (towels, artwork, etc.). I started around 4:30 and by 10:00 had primed and painted one full coat nearly all the way around. I’ve got to go after work and buy another quart to finish off the project.