Yesterday after work, I bought these shoes. I’m really thrilled with them, and pretty surprised that I ended up with Nikes. I don’t think I’ve worn Nike shoes since 7th grade, but these are pretty good. I feel a lot more stable in them (I have completely flat feet and I pronate really badly when I walk and run, which hurts) and they look good. Most of the time I feel clunky in running shoes since I’m fairly small but have big feet. I feel really light in these. I’m going to go for a run later on today (when it cools off) and test them out! Not only that, but they were tax-free, since they just barely came in under the $100 limit.

I really liked the store where I bought them, too. It’s called Southern Sole, and it’s where an old bike shop used to be on The Strip. They put you on a treadmill and have you jog barefoot for about 30 seconds, and they have cameras watching you from the front and back to analyze your gait to determine what sort of shoes you need. It was bizarre to see how much my right ankle rolled in when we watched the playback. When I put on my new shoes, it was an instant improvement.

If you had told me a year ago that I was going to train for a half marathon, I would have sworn you had lost your damn mind.