• Today is my last day at this job. It’s kind of weird. I think I’ll enjoy the time off, and my new job, but it just feels strange to know I’ll never sit at this desk again.
  • I just found out that a friend of ours from New Orleans (well, the fiance of our friend, but we hang out w/ him, too) just became the newest member of Cowboy Mouth. We’re going to their show in Birmingham and will probably get backstage passes and all that. Kind of cool, and they’re both seriously excited about it, even if it means he’ll be on tour until a week before their wedding.
  • The contractor that was supposed to install our quarter round didn’t show up on Thursday and hasn’t returned any of our calls. I’m about to call someone else that I talked to yesterday in hopes that they’re free sometime next week or weekend. Re-fucking-diculous. It must be nice to not need to do business.
  • This weekend is the tax holiday, and I may actually take advantage of it. I need to buy my new shoes so that I can start training this weekend. I’m hoping they’re less than $100, but if they aren’t, I still may just bite the bullet.
  • I made Reuben sandwiches last night with Tofurky, and they were amazing.

ETA: I just called the other contractor, and they will call me Monday morning to let me know exactly what time on Monday or Tuesday they can come do it. That’s more like it. I really wanted to give that other guy a chance, but he let us down on more than one occasion (didn’t bring us the sawhorses we needed, didn’t return our calls twice, and then didn’t show on Thursday).