This is my last week at this job. It seems surreal. When I first started, my intention was to stay as long as possible, maybe even through my dissertation phase. Then I found out that they were doing some restructuring of all the grant-sponsored programs within the College of Education, and my boss told me that my job may be in danger of being eliminated. I then set out to find an assistantship, and was successful. Even then, I felt like termination was a looong, looooooooong way off. “August? Geez, that’s forever from now!”

Now it’s July 31st, and my last day is August 3rd. At times I find myself waxing sentimental, but then I have to think about how much I despise my other boss (whom I haven’t really seen in nearly 6 weeks now) and how much it sucks to have a tiny little office on the third floor with no windows. I almost feel bad for “leaving” my boss, and I’m doing all I can to make my transition out of here as smooth as possible for him. I never really felt like I did much here, but as I’m doing all this phase-out work, I see that I really do quite a bit.

I have been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to drop off library books (no doubt overdue by now) and my laundry situation is getting scary. It won’t be long until the pile of dirty clothes is as tall as I am. Yikes!

On the home front, we’re in the process of varnishing and coating 350 feet of quarter round to have it installed on Thursday. It will do a lot for the overall look of the house. Next up is painting. Within a year, I’d like to have painted the hallway/foyer, living room, den, and master bath. Scott wants to repaint the kitchen (it was done in flat and it shows dirt and grease…we’ll redo in glossy finish, but probably the same colors). I have no idea what else we’ll try to accomplish, but there are a number of things that should be done before we try to sell the house. We’re hoping to make at least some money on it. We’ll see where the housing market goes…