Scott and I are seriously considering the possibility of moving to Chicago in May 2009. We’ve been looking at co-ops (affordable for us) and he’s been scouting out jobs. Since he’s a member of the Illinois Bar, has professional connections, and graduated from Northwestern (and did well), his job prospects there are really good. The next step is for me to talk to my advisor and ask him if, realistically, I could narrow myself to one geographic location when I job search. Chicago has a number of colleges and universities, and there may be some consulting or contract possibilities for me there as well, so it’s not like I’m saying “Hey, I’d love to move to Salinas, KS, what are the chances?” Still, I want to make sure I’m not shooting myself in the foot, career-wise.

Considering mortgage, assessments, taxes, etc., most of the coops we’ve been looking at are affordable on what we’re making now. If I can get a job that pays even 1.5x what I’m making now (not hard, esp. in Chicago with a Ph.D.), we could do this. We’d definitely shed our cars, which would free up even more money for us, though some of that naturally would go towards public transportation.

This is so freaking exciting. Having a realistic egress plan in place that will happen for us in a little under 2 years makes living here that much easier to bear.