We had a huge storm come through yesterday and our power was out for nearly 12 hours. Yes, twelve. I went off sometime around 3:30PM yesterday and finally came back on at 3:00 this morning. I really didn’t get to sleep until our A/C was back on, because it was so. effing. hot!  We had dinner with our friend Stu last night, and then he came back over to our place to hang out. We listened to music on the laptop and had candles going everywhere to provide a bit of light. It was actually kind of fun, especially once we opened the back door to let air in. A few houses in our neighborhood got crushed by trees and I felt so bad for them. I had trouble getting home after work because the main road into my neighborhood was blocked by a HUGE tree that had fallen over the street. The dang thing was probably about 75 feet tall and when laid on its side was about 4′ tall. It took them hours to get that cleared out. Power poles were bent, lines down…it was worse than what we got from Katrina. Apparently we had golfball sized hail and 60 mph winds, not to mention incredible amounts of rain.

I’m all about making up for lost rain, but no more storms, plzkthx.