For the 2nd year in a row, my paper proposal has been accepted at AESA! This year it’s in Cleveland, so at least I won’t have to spend $400 and 6 hours on a plane to get across the country. I probably need to go ahead and submit something for AERA, too. The more I present, the more my name gets out there, hence, it’s easier to get a job when the time comes. I may end up going to 3 conferences this next academic year. It may be a bit tight for me financially, but it will pay off in the long run. AERA is in NYC, which makes it quite pricey. I may go to either QUIG or SEPES, depending on which is better for my schedule and budget. Considering this is my last year for coursework before I start my dissertation, I really need to get serious about my academic career. I really can’t afford to graduate without at least one or two actual publications under my belt, and if I can get good feedback on my papers, I can turn them into good articles or studies. Since I won’t be working full time after August 3, I can spend a lot more time reading, researching, and writing. I really want to talk to my advisor at some point and say “Hey, I’d love to write something with you.” He’s a nice guy, and I’m interested in what he does (moral judgement development), so I think working with him will be good for me. If he’s not up for it, I can find other people who do interesting work. I think the freedom I’ll have will be good for me.