I’ve decided that I’m giving up on attempting to be friends with people who have blatantly shown me that they don’t value me as a friend. I honestly don’t ask for much from my friends, but when they don’t follow through with the basics of friendship, it hurts. I’m through hurting on behalf of people who don’t deserve me. I think  the notion of “friends” Facebook/MySpace/LJ-style has really perverted people’s sense of what a friend really is. To me, it seems like friends are no more than people one can parade around when it’s convenient to convince others that they’re really likeable or popular. It really sickens me to look at my Facebook “friends” (I can’t NOT put that term in scare quotes) and realize that I only consider a small percentage of those folks to be my actual friends. As in, I have no idea what they do for a living, I’ve never called them, and if I ran into them in public, I probably wouldn’t remember their names right away. Some friend.

I think my days of playing the online popularity game are over.