It’s my last day of work before the wedding. My boss is out, ergo, I’m going to be totally useless today. I am having lunch w/ Scott and Stu today, and I have a pedi appt at 4:00. I thought it was yesterday, so I left after 3:30, drove there, and it was locked. WTF?! I finally got someone at the door and she checked the books and told me my appt was Tuesday, not Monday. Dee dee dee…I’m not sure how I wrote it down wrong, but I did. Ah well. I will love getting off early 2 days in a row, and today I get tohave my tootsies rubbed down and made to look good.

I keep waiting for a complete meltdown. I’m not usually the type to just lose my cool, but I just marvel at how cool and calm I’ve been lately, and I wonder how long it will last. The only difference I’m noticing is that I’m waking up super early, like between 5:30 and 6. I feel fine, so I guess it’s OK that I’m getting closer to 7 hours of sleep rather than my usual 8. I just wonder if at some point it’s all going to hit me and I’ll just be a mess. There are times I think of certain aspects of the wedding and I get kind of nervous, though not in a bad way. I know that in the end, it’s going to be a lot of fun, and we’ll be so glad that we didn’t elope (something I occasionally contemplated).

My camera should be arriving today, and I’m so psyched about it. I will probably take some test pictures tonight, and if they turn out nicely, I may post them here just to show off. I hope to be able to take tons of pictures on the honeymoon, and the better ones will be posted. I will also create Facebook albums w/ all the pictures from the days before the wedding, any non-pro pictures taken at the wedding and reception, and of course the honeymoon. Luckily we’ll have the laptop w/ us, so I can upload pictures as we take them in order not to fill up our memory card.

I just got off the phone with my real boss (the one I like). He has to do an annual performance review of me, and he has taken steps to ensure that my Other Boss doesn’t get his grubby little hateful paws on the eval to muck it up. No doubt he’d slam me for things that are far beyond my control anyways, and Real Boss knows this. It’s nice to have people in your corner, that’s for sure. Even though I’m leaving, a negative eval could really hurt me in the future. Big thumbs up for Real Boss!