Today at work I was mostly useless,save for some paperwork I went ahead and did so that when my boss and my co-worker come back in tomorrow (maybe), I’ll have it mostly done so that I can just get some amounts, print, get signatures, and send on its merry way. I only have 3 more work days left before the wedding. I’m so very, very excited about that. I have just 19 more work days until I can tell my Other Boss to suck it. I will miss my real boss, though. He’s such a sweet guy, and I think I’m one of the few people who really appreciate his sense of humor. Even when he gives me a lot of stuff to do, he’s always very kind about it. I spent most of the afternoon reorganizing my computer files so that whenever I leave, everything is accesible on the hard drive (rather than my Z drive) and it’s all organized. When I got to the job, everything was in a total state of disarray, and if anything, I can pride myself on the fact that I really got things cleaned up and organized. Whoever ends up doing all the paperwork for my boss will at least have some inkling as to what the hell is going on, unlike me, because I had 10 million sheets of random forms to wade through.

I also printed up the programs. They look nice! When I got home I fixed the loop on my train and did a once-over to make sure the beading looked OK. I haven’t put it on since March when I got it altered. I’ve never put on the whole thing (veil, shoes, dress, jewelry) and I’m so, so excited to see how I’ll look. My wedding related nightmare last night involved the stylist not showing up and me not realizing this until right before 5:00. I was freaked out and pissed. Even still, I’ve been sleeping so well lately. Most people I know (from online) who are getting married the 16th, 23rd, or 30th are all flipping out and can’t sleep. Not me. Now, my appetite has gone to crap, but I’m sleeping just fine. Ahhhh.

Speaking of, I may get in bed and watch some King of the Hill before I pass out.