My cat Applejack has really taken to staying outside all night and prowling around, doing what cats do best, I suppose. This morning around 4:45, I heard him meowing over and over again, so I got up out of bed (ughghg) to see what his problem was.

He was standing on the back step, proudly displaying a little baby mouse he had caught and killed, then brought to me as a gift. It was totally cute, partially mutilated mouse carcass aside. He’s really become quite the hunter. Our next door neighbor says that he sees him prowling his backyard at night, and he likes it because Applejack will kill chipmunks, bugs, and mice. I’ve witnessed him catching, killing, and eating birds, too. Pretty funny considering 2 years ago he would have clawed my face off if I tried to carry him outside. I think he’s outside more than indoors.