I just finished lunch at Quizno’s and I feel positively wretched now. I didn’t eat too much (bag of Baked Lay’s and a regular veggie sub), but I feel like I’m carrying a brick around in my tummy. I’m seriously considering leaving early today (like really early…2:00) to do other things. My bosses aren’t here, my co-worker left around 10:00 and I’ve done everything I need to do for the week. Or at least everything I can do without my boss here. I’m making baked ziti tonight and I need to run to the store to get the ingredients. I also need some things from Target and I have some thank yous to mail out…which leads me to another issue.

I feel guilty even thinking this, much less saying it, but I really wonder about my mom’s side of the family. They asked (repeatedly) where we were registered, and then none of them bought anything off of the registry The gifts were for the most part nice, but some of them left me saying “WTF?!” For example, I always hesitate to buy people decorative items when 1) I don’t spend a lot of time with them to know their tastes or 2) I’ve never visited them at home to know what their house/decor looks like. We got some decorative things that are completely not our style, and we got 2 serving trays in as many days. I thought it was odd, but I thought it was really odd when I found out they were purchased by the same person, my grandmother. One was from her and the other was “from” my aunt and uncle. For some reason, my aunt and uncle are incapable of shopping for gifts for anybody and leave it up to my grandmother to do their shopping for them. They’ve always done it this way, and I completely don’t understand it. They are intelligent people, and they are certainly well-off, so it’s not a money issue, and they’re not extraordinarily busy, either. If I’m buying a gift for someone, I always want to pick it out and pay for it myself. It just seems wrong and meaningless otherwise.Whatever. At any rate, I shouldn’t complain because regardless, they were all really nice and generous gestures. Also, it was sweet because some of these people aren’t even going to be at the wedding, yet they still wanted to get us something.  I know for Southerners, wedding gifts should be pretty, not practical, at least traditionally speaking. Blenders and mixers were shower gifts, china and crystal were wedding gifts. I feel like such a petty bitch, even though Scott feels the same way. However, I have to say that  coming home to a package on the front porch almost every day (lately, this has been the case) is exciting!


, I have also fallen prey to the great Alabama mosquito. And a few fleas (ugh). My legs, ankles and feet are embarassingly irritated and pockmarked. I would take a picture, but my camera is broken and I look absolutely disgusting. I’m so afraid of having scars and I’m doing my best to keep ointment on them and avoid scratching. I seriously have no fewer than THIRTEEN bites on my right foot. I also have two mosquito bites on my shin and two more nondescript bug bites on my knee cap (which rules out wearing a skirt). My left leg is bitten but to a much lesser extent. I just have to get these things gone in two weeks’ time. I don’t want my “getting ready” pictures to feature nasty scars all over my feet and legs. Sex-ay!

Scott and I are working out budget related issues for after the wedding, and it’s kind of stressful for some reason. I think we’re both really independent when it comes to money and the thought of being accountable to someone else is kind of difficult. We’re lucky in that we make plenty to get by and we don’t spend beyond our means, but just figuring out the ins and outs is tricky. It doesn’t help that he makes 3x what I do, and I feel guilt at my inferior rate of contribution. At the same time, this won’t always be the case, so if we survive my grad school years, we’ll be great. Even if I only started out at twice what I make now, things would be so much easier for us.

I see another 30 more minutes here in my future and then the beginning of a nice lazy weekend!