I am so freaking sick of dealing with my other boss. He really showed his ass yesterday, and luckily I came out looking much better. Even still, the amount of rudeness and disrespect he showed me was absolutely unacceptable. Even my “real” boss jumped to my defense, and he normally stays out of this kind of bullshit.

Yesterday morning around 11:15 I get an e-mail asking for a departmental copy card. First of all, I have no idea what in the hell he’s talking about, and secondly, I don’t know for what purpose. So I ask him if it’s for the department or the policy center (which is what I do work for). This is what he responds with:

Dear Heather:

Anything I ask you to do will be for the {organization I work for}, period.

You do not need to ever ask me that question again.


Right, then. So, I go down the hall to find out the procedure, and in the meantime I get a call from my real boss, who was in B’ham, saying that he had already spoken to other boss and stood up for me. Yay! Then he said that other boss told him to tell me that I needed to come over right away and make some copies for him. What the fuck ever happened to direct communication?!

So, I go over there, and there’s a stack of archived journals that he wants copied. I go down the hall to do that, and he doesn’t say anything else about the copy card. I finish the copies, then he wants me to walk these huge-ass heavy books a block to the library to return them. Never-fucking-mind that he’s heading over there in 15 minutes. It’s hot, and the books weigh a ton.

I get back to my office to do real work and he calls me. “Where’s my copy card?” I had no idea he wanted it right then. So I haul my ass over to the Ferg (about a 10 minute walk, one way), wait in line, get it, and then go to the Ed. Library. He’s sitting in there w/ his daughter, and I walk over hand him the card and apologize for the wait. He doesn’t even look up and just says an absent-minded “thank you” and continues to read. Fucker.

I can’t wait until I no longer have to put up w/ his bullshit.