This weekend we went to our friend Stu’s house to watch Thin. Good lord is that movie disturbing. It’s a documentary about an eating disorder clinic in Florida, and some of the patients there were incredibly frustrating. At the same time, I don’t feel like the facility did a good job with getting behind the issues that drove them to restrict or purge. It’s not just about changing behaviors, it’s about addressing underlying issues. Most of the people ended up coming back, some sooner than others. One in particular was some 15 year old emo chick that seemed, as one other patient said, to want to be the sickest person there. She was actually average sized, but I’m sure about 10 lbs of her weight came in the form of all the damn eyeliner she put on. I felt bad for her, but she simply did not want to change or get better, and the staff there didn’t seem to know what the hell they were doing. She was really whiny, too. The worst part was that she got sent home early because her insurance ran out, and her home environment was most of her problem, since her mom had an eating disorder, too. If you like documentaries, this is a good one to watch. However, seeing as how I’ve struggled w/ eating and weight problems in the past, some of it was kind of upsetting. This is not an uplifting movie at all, but worth seeing.

Scott and I had a pretty intense discussion on Friday, and I think things are better now. He realized that he was putting himself more in to the planning than he was our relationship. I think his priorities will be more in line now.

I’m so excited that I get to go to yoga tonight after a few weeks off (I couldn’t go because I was in class every night). It is so nice to think that I will just have work every day and no academic obligations. Just 11 more work days before we leave for NOLA!!!!