If it weren’t for the fact that I only have two more nights of class, I’d have a fit. I’m just soooo tired. Work was busy yesterday, since my boss is finally moving into his real office (we’ll be in the same suite…yeah…) and I was helping him move stuff around and get organized. Then I had class, of course, and I was ready to  nod off. Even the coffee I got before class didn’t help, although it did affect my sleep. Lovely.

My “to-do” list continues to dwindle, which is good. There are so many little last minute things to think about and this is really the time when you decide if something is really worthwhile (or worth the $$). Generally, the answer is, “no.” I still need to place the flower order. I haven’t been slacking, it’s just that she said with the few flowers that we’re getting, there’s no need to place it any more than 3 weeks ahead of time. Nice. I may knock that out today, provided I’m not too busy here.

I also hope my ring is done at the jeweler’s, as promised. I took it in last Wednesday for resizing and they said it would be ready today. It better be. I’ve been walking around like a free woman for a week, LOL. I’m really surprised that one of my busybody co-workers hasn’t asked if the wedding was off or something. I should have had the damn thing resized 9 months ago, but I didn’t want to resize it for when the weather was cooler and then find out my ring wouldn’t fit on my heat swollen fingers. I figured now was as good a time as any, and I made sure to go in towards the end of a very hot day, so my fingers were approaching sausage level. Even still, I had it sized down by a half size, so maybe I won’t be so paranoid about it slipping off my fingers.