Having a non-academic weekend rocks! I have no papers to write, no chapters to read, nothing. I got up at 8, lazed around drinking coffee and eating a bagel, then Scott and I went to the Asian market here in town. That place is fantastic!!! It’s literally the best Asian grocery I’ve ever been in. They had freaking everything. We spent over $30 in there, but came out w/ quite a bit, including some Japanese eggplant and some lemongrass (which we otherwise would have to buy in B’ham). Then I did some laundry, and we made pad see-eu for lunch. Yummmm. We went to the gym at around 4 and did about a 1 hour workout. I did 30 minutes of cardio and then 25 of strength training and stretching. By the end my arms were iike Jello. When I did my ab work I felt my bad rib pop. It doesn’t really hurt, but it feels weird. (I was in a near-fatal crash about 4 years ago and really effed up my ribcage, including cracking my sternum and breaking 2 of my left ribs.)

I think we have discarded the idea of buying a Vespa or Honda Metropolitan. No one will let you test drive the damn thing before you buy. WTF?! I’m not dropping somewhere between $2000 and $4200 without knowing exactly what I’m getting myself into. And in the case of the Vespa, maintenance costs are quite high. So, we’ll be keeping my car but fixing the A/C, which is really the problem it has. It may involve totally replacing it, which may cost a couple hundred bucks, but it beats buying a new car for $10-12K, and paying higher insurance and a car payment every month. Maybe once we figure out what kind of job I’ll get and where we’re going, we can decide whether to sell my car outright or replace it w/ something more reliable. By that point, it will be over 15 years old. I’m OK with it, and Scott has even volunteered to trade cars w/ me, so that I have the nicer car. Awww.

I look forward to doing nothing tonight, and more nothing tomorrow. OK, I might go wash my car. But other than that, I’ll be sacking out on the couch watching episodes of The Shield and sipping jasmine tea. This more than makes up for my hellish week.