This whole “work all day, class all night” thing isn’t really my cup of tea. I literally leave my house before 8 and don’t come home until after 9. It freaking sucks. Luckily I got out of class in time to get some Taco Bell (big mistake) and watch LOST. Usually, it’s come home, eat something, get ready for bed, go to sleep.

OMG, Lost was good last night. I am so pissed that I will miss most of the first hour next week. Stupid class. I just hope I’ll be able to watch it online the next morning. I know that shit’s gonna go down, and I don’t want to miss a bit of it. I refuse to check out the blogspot spoilers. I just don’t want to ruin it for myself. It pains me that I won’t see another new episode for another nine months. NINE! WTF were they thinking? I sure hope they replay some old episodes or something, or else people will give up on it. Sigh.

I just want to have one night where I can stay home with Scott and spend some QT w/ him. I know he feels totally neglected and ignored. He understands, but that doesn’t make it easy for either of us. I want to walk our dog, go get coffee, watch a movie or just cuddle with him. I feel like this is really shitty timing, because if anything we should be doing more bonding right now, rather than less. I can’t wait until June 24th, when we fly to Puerto Rico for a week of doing nothing and everything together.

Yesterday I did some registry stalking and found out that our flatware set has been bought by one of Scott’s friends. Yay! Unfortunately, my great aunt had planned on buying it, so I e-mailed my mom and said that next time she talked to her to mention it. Her response was pretty bitchy, and I just called my aunt myself, rather than involve my mom, who obviously had a bug up her ass about something. Whatever.  The good news is, we’ll finally have matching silverware that’s “ours”, not “yours” and “mine.”