When we got home on Sunday, Scott went to the mail box to check the mail. We got our second wedding present (hooray!!) and some other things. I opened my mail later and then noticed it was addressed to “Mrs. _____ ______ ______,” and listed my phone number as the number that he had about 2 years ago. WTF?!

We were both kind of baffled, since neither one of us has put in any marriage-related paperwork w/ the University. Not only that, since I’m not changing my name it just seemed kind of weird.

I just called Advancement Services to find out what was going on and how to get the record straight. I’m not going to bother contributing money if they can’t even bother to get my facts straight, you know? As it turns out they comb the state papers for obituaries, wedding, and engagement announcements for their “facts.” The person I talked to had it happen to her, also. Now everything is fixed, but I found it a little bit stalkerish.