A not-so-brief recap

We got up early Thursday and drove to New Orleans. We planned to get in by 11:30, eat lunch, then go to my hair and makeup trial run. Scott was going to order the cake and go to Whole Foods (or “Ho Foodz” as we now call it) and then come get me about 3. We were going to then meet some friends of ours for dinner at La Madeleine and then head home around 5:30 and get home around 10-ish.

Well, uh, things didn’t go according to plan. First, we got stuck on the I-10 bridge over Pontchartrain (they’re rebuilding it and it’s often down to one lane) and lost about half an hour. By the time we got out to where we needed to be (Metarie, to be exact), there was only time for us to run to Subway and snarf down a sammich before my appointment at 1:00. We did just that, then he dropped me off.

Things went well. The hair and makeup artists were so nice and I looked so good. It seems like a pointless indulgence to get my hair and makeup done, but I’m a complete moron when it comes to that kind of stuff and we’re paying good money for a photographer, so I should look good. It’s reasonably priced, so I don’t feel too bad. They finished in a little over an hour, so I called Scott and he came and got me and we went to Ho Foodz. Both of them, actually. The one on Magazine didn’t have anything we needed so we drove back out to Metarie. Sigh.

At 4:30 we met our friends (who I originally met on theKnot.com…LOLz) and their respective significant others and had dinner. They talked us into staying and hanging out, which we did. Until about 9:15, when I said “Ok, we HAVE to go.” We stopped by Cafe du Monde and got coffee and beignets to go and took off. The last 100 miles of the trip were brutal. I don’t know how in the hell I stayed awake. I drifted off a couple of times and scared the shit out of both of us.

Friday morning I got up to call into work, because I knew I’d be worthless and I was only going to do a half day anyways. After that I decided to just stay up (rather than go back to bed), get showered, finish packing, etc. I saw Bruno laying down next to his litter box and I went over to pet him and say hi. He was dead. I started crying and shaking and Scott came down the hall to find out what was going on. He was so upset. Bruno’s been his buddy for nearly 8 years and made the move from Chicago w/ him. It had to be difficult for him. We got a towel to wrap him up in, and then I called animal control to find out what exactly one should do in a situation like this. (As a side note, when my kitty Oliver died a few months ago, my freaking dad and sister kept him in the freezer for nearly 2 months and then just put him in the dumpster. I was livid. How disrespectful!!!!) They said that we could either bury him or they would come pick him up. We decided on the latter (since we don’t own a shovel and have issues w/ wild animals in our neighborhood) and the guy came about 30 minutes later to pick him up. We were so sad to see him go. I’ve never actually seen any of my pets dead, and it was a bit traumatic. He apparently had been dead for 12 hours or so when I found him, and I feel awful that we didn’t see him when we came in on Thursday night/Friday morning from NOLA. I guess there was really nothing we could do to save him. I really do miss him. He was kind of the neglected one, since Applejack is such a rascal and Brubeck is a dog, but in the last few weeks he was really sweet and affectionate and we really bonded with him. At least we have all those memories of him cuddling and sleeping with us.
After all that we drove up to my mom’s for the weekend. We were both kind of nervous, for obvious reasons. Even though she invited him, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be hostile. Once we got there we realized we had nothing to worry about. She was sweet and pleasant. We had a great time hanging out together. We went to ghost stories at a story-telling festival, visited the TN Aquarium, and just kind of hung out. I think the coast is clear now, and that also means we don’t have to worry about my aunt, either, since they’re kind of a package deal. Huge relief!!! It was nice to see that Scott and my mom get along fairly well, and they exchanged “Heather stories,” which was cute, if a bit embarrassing. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a good relationship between them.

On the way up to Chattanooga, we discussed the possibility of replacing my current p.o.s. car with a Vespa instead of buying a new car. I think that’s what we’re going to do, given that cars are expensive and most of our driving is in town. We’ll keep Scott’s car for out of town trips or rainy days and sell my car and use the money for a new Vespa. I’m excited about the possibility of driving to class on a super-sweet scooter, or joyriding a la Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Except without the super short hair, of course.

I’m actually glad to be at work today, even if I’m starting classes today. 5-9 PM Monday-Thursday until May 31st. Yeah, buddy!