My  “other boss” is a complete piece of shit. I hate him, I hate working with him, and I wouldn’t so much as shed a tear if he got fired right now. In fact, I would throw a party and invite everybody I know. Things just get more and more ridiculous with him.

OB generally drops the ball if he’s responsible for any sort of task. It’s frustrating, and moreso because I’m usually the one taking the heat when he fucks up. I realize that this is not a unique situation, but he drops the ball more often than not. He brought someone in to teach a once-a-month class, and from day one it’s been a comedy of errors, except it’s sooo not funny.

This guy has yet to receive a paycheck, got reimbursed for travel nearly 2 months after the fact, my boss never returns his calls and no one ever notified me that there was mail in the mailroom that had to be forwarded to him. Given that I’m in an entirely different building, you’d think someone could shoot me an e-mail or something to tell me to come get what’s there. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

OB asks me yesterday to get this guy a hotel reservation for tomorrow (not my job, but whatever, it involved a 3 minute phone call) and to get this guy a rental car (also not my job, and totally unnecessary, since he can take a shuttle). I’m still awaiting a call from our financial ops person to see if there’s even money in the budget to pay for this guy’s rental car (doubtful). I e-mailed the guy the hotel confirmation number with a cc to Other Boss. Big freaking mistake.

I just now received an e-mail from OB (cc to my real boss…wtf?!) saying “I never received confirmation that you called him or info about his rental car.”


1. He never asked me to confirm
2. I didn’t have to call him, because he e-mailed me to confirm that he received the info.
3. Even if there is money in the budget, I can’t rent the car because it requires something that has to be done by a higher-up.
4. He CC’ed my real boss and my real boss has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this. Wasting his time and mine…

I’ve had it up to here with this guy’s asshattery. Oh, and did I mention that he is trying to get me to come over to his office to organize all 5 of his file cabinets for him? No freaking way. I originally said I’d do it, but now I may get real boss to intervene and put an end to this bullshit once and for all. When I have my exit interview in a few months, they’re gonna get an earful about him.

Do I hate my job? Absolutely not. Do I hate this particular aspect of it? With the fire of a thousand suns.