Not really a whole lot to report on the weekend front. I had class Friday night and all day Saturday, which right away puts a damper on things. I had a presentation to give on Saturday (right before lunch) and I was so tired and hungry that I feel like I was at about 95% of what I could have been.Oh, well. I got home and felt extraordinarily sick. I took a long nap and still felt sick afterwards. I didn’t feel OK until about 7:30 that night. We didn’t go out or do much of anything, but considering we stayed out until 1:30 on Friday night, I don’t feel too lame. Sunday we woke up, went to Whole Foods and then to La Paz for lunch. I had forgotten how awesome that place is. Their verde salsa is unreal. The whole way there and back, I read articles for my upcoming presentation (on Wednesday) and paper (due next Wednesday). I feel like I have an articulate thesis and outline, so I should be OK. I have a lot of work coming up soon and I’m kind of nervous and overwhelmed right now. I know I’ll get it all done, but I feel like I have 80 million things to do and I’m afraid something will slip through the cracks. It’s just paranoia, I suppose. My life will be so much easier on May 9, when I turn in my last assignment for the semester.

I keep having “wedding gone wrong” dreams, and while they’re funny, they can be quite unsettling. I know I’m on task and ahead of schedule on a lot of things, but the thought of guests drinking warm soda out of styrofoam cups at the reception kind of makes me ill. Or the caterer putting out an all-meat hors d’oeuvres buffet. Or waking up the morning of the wedding with cystic acne (if you knew me, you’d know that’s pretty unlikely) and no vows written. Gah!

Two months and counting!!