As someone who works on a college campus, I’m a little freaked out today. As I walked through the building this morning, I thought “Where would I hide if some nutcase came through?” “Would it be safe to jump out the window (3 stories up)?” I can’t even imagine the horror of going through such an awful situation. I can’t even say anything like, “Today, we are all Hokies.” No, we aren’t and I sure as hell am not a Hokie. I feel for them and my heart goes out to the VT community, but I won’t for one second pretend that I can identify with their grief and fear. It’s like that bullshit after 9/11: “We’re all New Yorkers.” No, we didn’t have the largest structure in our city destroyed by terrorists. We didn’t have our friends and family killed simply for going to work that day. We didn’t live in constant fear that another building in town would get destroyed. I am as empathetic as anyone, but I won’t pretend I’m sympathetic. I’ve never had to endure something so terrifying, and I thank God that that’s the case.

This was the deadliest shooting in U.S. history. #2 and #3 happen to have been in Texas, which has a strong gun culture. I don’t find that to be coincidental. However, I don’t think any amount of gun control laws could have prevented this latest tragedy. This guy was sick and he apparently was hell-bent on going down and bringing others down with him. If it wasn’t a gun, it would have been something else. I just think the attitude we have in our culture of “any problem can be solved with a weapon” is sick and contributes to incidents like this.