Monday was a fucked up day, too. This is just my week of freaks, I guess.

Scott and I decided it would be cool to go ahead and list our faculty/staff tickets on eBay. Though we don’t physically have them in our hands yet (and won’t until August), lots of people auction their tickets off ahead of time and then send them when they arrive.

We listed them on Saturday afternoon. Sunday came, no bids. Sunday night, I got a message: “i’m interested in the tickets, can you give me a number where i can call you? i live in hamilton, al.” At first I was like “Oh, hell no!” but then we decided that we’d give him my work number.


He called me Monday morning around 11 and was asking me to end the auction early and sell them to him for $1600 ($200 less than what I was asking…and everyone else, for that matter). I politely said, “No, I’m sorry, but it’s against eBay policy to do such a thing. I’m afraid you’ll just have to participate in the bidding process like everyone else. I wish you the best of luck.”

Then he pulls the “I’m a police officer” card on me. And asks if he can have a background check done on me before he buys the tickets. WTF?! I said that there was no way I’d agree to that because it’s an invasion of my privacy. I basically told him if he didn’t like it, he didn’t have to bid on my tickets and he could find them elsewhere.

After some discussion we decided to take the listing down, especially since Scott said they were lower level tickets and we really aren’t guaranteed that they will be. After the listing ended, Officer Freak sent me another message asking if I still had the tickets. And then he called me another 3 times at work. He would ask  “Who is this?” and I’d just say, “I’m sorry, with whom am I speaking?” He would then hang up.

I ended up calling the University Police to report the incident. Thus far he’s left me alone, but he had me freaked out for awhile.