As if Tuesday weren’t weird enough for me, something else happened last night. I noticed I hadn’t seen our cat Bruno all day long, which is so unlike him. He’s kind of in your face a lot when he wants affection, and to just not see him (or hear him) is really out of character. I worried that he somehow got out and then got lost, or that he had crawled somewhere hidden in the house and died. We launched a full scale search for him around the house and I went to look behind the sofa in the formal living room and found glass. Lots of it. At first I thought it was a broken trinket or picture frame, since the cats are always knocking stuff over, but then realized it was our front window. Next to the pile of glass was a golf ball.

Yes, we live on a golf course, but you have to be a damn bad shot to even get the ball into our front yard, much less through our window. The previous owners had only one ball come through the window in the 30 years they lived in the house. Scott checked and there was no note on the door or anything. I was really angry. He is down there right now talking to the people at the country club to see what can be done as far as getting us compensated, whether it’s from the country club itself or from tracking down the guilty party.

We were upset because we’re working so hard to save money for the wedding, and then something like this happens, where we have to shell out a couple hundred bucks for something that’s someone else’s fault. If you can afford to play golf at the country club, you can afford to fucking pay for our broken window. Right now I have a few layers of Saran wrap taped over the hole to keep bugs, moisture, etc. out of the house. It looks kind of tacky, but better that than an infestation of wasps and mosquitos!

Oh, and we found Bruno. He was hidden asleep in the linen closet on a navy blue blanket. 🙂