I brought in most of the invitations (that I assembled last night) and had them all addressed by 10 AM. I guess it helps that I got here at 7:30 and had nothing else to do. I need to go to the post office to get them weighed to see if I can squeak by with a regular stamp or if I’m going to have to buy some of those ugly-ass 63 cent wedding stamps (with doves and swirls….ugh). I will have to wait a few days until the “forever” stamps go on sale so that I can put them on the response envelopes. Why the forever stamp, you ask? Because the postal rates are going up (AGAIN) on May 15. We’re mailing these suckers out next week with an RSVP date of June 1. That means (presumably) that some people will be mailing these in before the change, and others will mail them after. I could do it with a current stamp and a 2-cent supplement stamp, but those things are butt ugly (a Navajo necklace, which is completely not my style). The 41 cent stamps don’t go on sale until the day of the change, so waiting until then is definitely not an option. Sigh. This may sound kind of selfish, but what in the hell was the USPS thinking? Lots of people get married in May and June, and they send out a lot of invitations with the response card (which should be stamped, although the last few I’ve received haven’t been). Didn’t they realize that this would inconvenience a lot of people? I know they have a lot of things to work around (Valentine’s and Christmas), but couldn’t they have put it off until, I don’t know, the end of July?

I also wish they’d raise the rates by more than just 2 cents. You know they’ll just turn around in another year and raise it again. I wouldn’t mind a 10 cent increase, so long as that happened only every 10 years or so. They’re such a frustrating lot.