I agreed to be a reviewer for a journal called eSharp (the education, social sciences, humanties and arts review for postgraduates) and they sent me an article to review. Y’all, it’s BAD. Not just a few grammatical mistakes or stylistic issues. BAD, bad. Like I almost wanted to cry it was so bad. I e-mailed the editors to ask what the hell I should do about this. There is no way this thing is at all publishable in its current state. It basically needs a full rewrite. There are so many grammatical, punctuation, stylistic and hell, even SPELLING errors. He/she used the word “ostensible” at least 3 times, and each time in an incorrect context. GAH!!!!

Ironically, it’s a musicology article about the male-female dichotomy in Galina Ustvolskaya’s music. What a shame that I couldn’t stay in the field. Say what you want about my musical ability, but at least I can write. I can’t believe this idiot thought this shit was publication quality!